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Becoming a student of any educational institution one delves into learning, reading and acquires the basics of research writing. Academic essay is the first step in the ladder of academic research success. Getting the task of writing an essay some feel excited at the opportunity to express their ideas and opinions, others embarrassed because feeling the lack of confidence and experience.

Essay writing is truly a creative and demanding process. It requires time, devotion and even passion to get readers attention.

Any academic essay is characterized by:

  • Preciseness and good organization of arguments supported by facts and evidences, statistics, views and practical knowledge;
  • Logicality of the argumentation flow;
  • Excellent writing proficiency being void of verbosity and unnecessary eloquence;
  • Exhibiting profound knowledge and expertise in the field of study;
  • Clear and concise evaluation of the problem researched but not its criticizing;
  • Bringing the reader to a conclusion which is evident from skillfully arranged argumentation.

There are many different types of essays which have their own peculiarities. Here are some the most widely assigned academic essays:

  • Persuasive essay format is characterized by the strong argumentative force driving a reader to certain conclusion. It should grab reader’s attention from the very first paragraph and reinforce in the body of an essay with substantial arguments, which are believable and convincing.
  • Reflective essay supposes writing based on personal or individual experience. It involves emotional aspect and evaluation of some event, phenomenon or happening from an individual experience or position. Expressing your feelings and intimate thoughts are quite welcome in this essay type.
  • Informative essay aims at providing a reader with maximum possible information on some subject or issue. It is a clear, logical and coherent narration where some phenomenon is viewed from different perspectives.
  • Narrative essay is something between or like an informative or reflective essay but it has a clear structure of a story. When dealing with narration one should have a good writing abilities and unique talent of attracting attention to what you are going to tell. Narrative essay assumes creative approaches where one can express position not directly but through some descriptions.

Process and procedure essay is an essay-instruction where certain procedures are described. The example of process and procedure essay may be an instruction how to complete A level academic essay. When writing this essay one develops skills for manuals and instructions writing to guide activity of other people. It supposes in-depth knowledge of the subject matter extensive research to make up comprehensive directives.

As academic essay writing requires writing skills and experience, you may feel perplexed and even stresses when your essay writing efforts won’t be adequately rewarded. The good news is custom essay writing services of can help you out of pressures of academic life. This incredible assistant will help you with variety of academic tasks and assignments and you’ll always be pleased to cooperate with this company when feeling difficulty with any format or any academic task from research paper to /dissertation .

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